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JAWAHER Born in 2005, began with an imagination, exceptional materials, and creative artisans to create some of the most unique and deeply evocative jewellery.

Jawaher delights its customers and is now dominating the retail business in jewellery sector, introducing its own creative idea and innovative designs produced in house. Jawaher is committed to driving its concept and setting it as a standard across Middle East region. Jawaher continues to expand its presence by catering to a wider market.

We strive to be totally ready for the customers’ requirements and quickly respond to variable styles along with maintaining value and quality that is characterized by Jawaher to provide best value products to make difference through the brand in terms on keep quality and team improvement to stay ahead with jewellery trends.


Qatar has always been at the apex for its rich culture and world known traditions, and presently witnessing a significant growth which is discerned in all aspects of day to day life. A decade after Qatar’s Independence in 1971, Al Salem Group launched its first concept Basri. From a small town of pearl divers and trading settlers, the Al Salem family evolved a dream and a vision to be among the first pioneers of economic development. One man’s dedication, the late Mr. Ahmed Hassan M A Al-Salem, coupled with the entrepreneurial streak of his eldest son Mr Ahmad Al Salem, gave rise to a Qatari Phenomenon that continues to hold its reputation as the regional innovator.

Al Salem possesses excellent expertise in retail chain of business, backed with decades of experience to create our own-concept and with sufficient strength of resources to be executed in-house. Al Salem is devoted to taking a concept and making it a global phenomenon. Furthermore, majority of our retail business have developed through intuitive recognition in the local and international markets. Al Salem Group continues to invest in ideas by catering to the market’s demands.

In 2005 Luxury view of Jawaher Jewelry was launched followed by a wholesale business for diamonds and other precious stones. From the very beginning Jawaher Jewelry business protruded as the artisan who produced designs that outweighed the standard benchmark of quality and precision.

Dedicated towards the evolving Customer demands and taste over the decades, Jawaher has maintained fine balance between the creativity of designs with calculated risks and the commitment to continuous business expansion. Today we aim to expand our presence in form of stores all over Qatar driving the Diamond Market to an altogether new level.


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